Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Rick and Morty theories: Evil Morty’s return teased as third anime short confirmed

RICK AND MORTY season five is picking up steam, but another anime short coming up next week could completely blow open what fans think...

Rick and Morty season 5 introduces new President as latest promo fuels theory

RICK AND MORTY's upcoming adventure could have some major consequences on the makeup of the series going ahead. Daily Express :: TV and Radio Feed

Rick and Morty season 5 episode 6: Who is the voice of Bruce Chutback?

RICK AND MORTY continues tonight with another wonderfully weird episode. Daily Express :: TV and Radio Feed

Rick and Morty season 5: Fans predict Rick’s dark plans for Jerry after ‘misleading’ promo

RICK AND MORTY's latest promotional video has raised concerns for the fate of Jerry Smith as Beth's husband and father are being uncharacteristically friendly...

The Walking Dead season 11: Rick Grimes to ‘return’ as Judith first-look fuels theory

THE WALKING DEAD is set to make a huge comeback to screens with season 11 and it looks as though original cast member Rick...

Rick and Morty season 5: Hidden meaning behind ‘twisted’ post-credits scene explained

RICK AND MORTY delivered one of its darkest post-credits stingers of the series so far, but there may be more layers to the Jerry...

Rick and Morty showrunner Dan Harmon responds to fan complaints over season 5 ‘leaks’

RICK AND MORTY showrunner Dan Harmon has addressed the recent uproar in the fanbase about the spoiler-filled promos for the new episodes. Daily Express ::...

Rick and Morty season 5 episode 2: What is the Asimov Cascade theory?

RICK AND MORTY has returned for season 5 on Adult Swim and E4. Daily Express :: TV and Radio Feed

Rick and Morty season 5: Rick’s origins finally revealed in ‘instant classic’ premiere

RICK AND MORTY finally premiered its fifth season in the United States, and long-term fans were ecstatic as part of Rick's backstory was finally...

Rick and Morty season 5: Spencer Grammer teases Summer’s future ‘Starts to find her way’

RICK AND MORTY are finally returning for more adventures on Adult Swim this Sunday, and principal star Spencer Grammer has let fans in on...

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