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Company Profile
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Zhongshan JuJia Lighting, located in Henglan-World Lighting Center, Zhongshan, committed to 
research and development, produce and sell Antique and morden style lighting. We focus on 
high quality throughout our growing,with complete progressive organization, which conducts 
our highly working effeciency. To build a modern factory, we invested in purchasing a 
series of mechanical equipment,recruiting professional and experienced talent with a whole 
collection of management.


Zhongshan JuJia Lighting Co.,ltd

We built our first-class developing team, strict testing center, equipped with advanced 
hardware workshop and production line. Designed a wide range of competitive products , 
with highly positive evaluation by buyers and sellers, even designers for home decoration 
from europe, USA, middle east and. East-south asia.


We pour our real emotion into innovation when growing up, and supply best service to all of 
our cooperators.

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